Evident Proof Solutions by Service.


Immutable Un-hackable Data Storage.

Traditional databases are no longer secure due to threats from malicious intent, internal and system error. Over 100 countries now have data compliance regulations and data is fast becoming the most critical resource to any business. In this landscape organisations large and small are frequently falling foul of data policies and more crucially suffering reputational loss and business decline when data that needs to be secure falls under threat from loss, hacking or compliance fines. Evident Proof plugs in alongside existing database activities and workflows to store data onto its immutable and un-hackable platform. A unified platform to store and record all data transactions, a single source of truth that is easily accessible, transparent, unchangeable and tamper proof. The unique system encrypts your data and stores it to the blockchain. Once stored this data cannot be changed, hacked or tampered with ensuring it's security against any threat.


Immutable Data Proof as a Service.

Once data is immutably stored on the Evident Proof platform organisations and individuals can create a collection of data events, transactions and workflows into a ‘Proof Seal Bundle’. This Proof Seal Bundle then enables the compilation of information to be produced as a Proof Document, known as a Proof Certificate. Proof Certificate’s can be created at a press of the button on the Evident Proof platform and are able to withstand both Criminal and Civil Court cases irrefutably. For example, an organisation may develop a Proof Seal Bundle around Health and Safety Policies and or GDPR Subject Access Request Policies. Once created that organisation, if challenged around a subject can immediately pull a Proof Certificate in relation to that policy and specific incident or person to irrefutably prove that the correct data is held and policies have been followed around that matter.


Immutable Audit as a Service.

This service enables organisations to quickly generate audit records that are provable to have not have been altered, changed or tampered with and specific data audit reports.
Any data, document, transaction, workflow activity or system log can be stored onto our proof platform within minutes and then at the press of a button output an Audit Report accompanied by an Audit Proof Certificate as evidence to back up the audit can be produced.
Our Audits can withstand repudiation and can be used as evidence in court.


Audit Dispute Court Ready Proof.

Evident Proof can provide immutable audit trails and immutable audit certificates for business reporting and business assessment purposes.
This service is hugely beneficial for organisations who think they may be facing a level of risk with their data or are being asked to perform an audit by a legislative or regulatory body as it enables organisations not only to take a snapshot of data records today but also within earlier timeframes e.g. 6 months, 1 year or 3 years ago to see if a change has occurred. Once data can be comparatively viewed in this way as snapshots organisations can clearly assess if any data loss, breach or alterations have taken place and therefore further investigate and mitigate against any discrepancies.


Immutable Backup Verification.

Evident Proof can provide unchangeable and unalterable backups and audit trails. This is a great solution for organisations keen to regularly assess their data security, compliance and management strategy as it provides a regular level of peace of mind that data security and compliance strategies are robust and working effectively.
This service will enable you to flag any instances where data stored on databases may have been compromised and given Evident Proof has a backup, organisations can quickly rectify any losses and manage risk and reputation ahead of outside bodies becoming aware.


Data and Workflow Verification.

Evident Proof enables organisations to connect entire workflows to the platform and create a workflow proof model to reflect the activities and the transactions being recorded.
Proving your organisation has followed GDPR’s consent management requirements is a great example of why proving workflow’s is essential
Not only do businesses need to track user consent preferences, but they need to automate workflows to update those preferences across all of their platforms. Meaning, CRM, segmented email lists, etc. For example, if a user updates their email preferences to only receive certain updates, how are you making sure those preferences are also updated in your CRM and more importantly how in the future when challenged can you prove these processes have been followed?



Marketplace is a directory of bespoke applications utilising the Evident Proof platform and enables new clients to find the proof model they need quickly to get up and running fast. Existing clients can even use the Marketplace to generate revenue by publishing a proof model based on their knowledge.


Regulatory Compliance Proof.

We are witnessing a period of unprecedented growth in the development of data protection regulations around the world. Many of which are modelled on regulations like GDPR or the OECD Guidelines on Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data3. Mandatory fines for non-compliance are becoming commonplace. This has a profound impact on the way global businesses/organisations are required to approach the collection, management and reporting of personal and business information
Evident Proof offers a regulatory compliance proof solution to assess all data and workflows at risk with an organisation and develop a series of Proof Modules to ensure that at any point organisations can instantly and irrefutably prove compliance and avoid risk and save £1000’s in legal fees, admin fees and potential data protection fines.

Evident Proof Solutions by Industry.



Educational institutions utilise Evident Proof to store credentialing data around assessments, degrees, and transcripts to streamline verification procedures and reduce fraudulent claims. The platform is also used to prove regulatory procedures from HR to fire checks have been carried out in line with compliance.


Energy and Utilities.

Clean Energy generation is a very complex process and needs to be 100% transparent. Evident Proof helps such providers capture data from energy production generation equipment. Micro-transactions of data are sent to the platform to be validated, and re-dispersed to the grid while securing payment to the submitter.


Government and Defence.

When emergency services present data in a court of law a third party is required to validate the data. Data generated by events, information and evidence gained by officers in the course of their duties, can be automatically incorporated into court ready proof certificates, validating the integrity of their data/ transactions

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Health & Pharmaceuticals.

Evident Proof provides a solution for the complete traceability of drugs/medical products, from manufacturer to end consumer, and has the ability to identify exactly where the supply chain breaks down during an issue. This ensures organisations can prove the authenticity of a drug/product and the quality while in transit but also protects against counterfit pharmaceutical claims.

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The need to comply with a wide range of laws has always represented a burden to the hospitality industry.
Evident Proof supports organisations to prove that correct process & procedures have taken place around regulations such as GDPR, Food Safety, Employment and Health & Safety and saving organisations admin overhead and costs when claims arise by being able to offer instant irrefutable court-ready Proof Certificates when claims and disputes arise.


Internet of Things (iOT).

IoT devices and the information recorded on them is vast. This information is often business critical.
Evident Proof helps companies relying on this data ensure this data is immutable (unhackable and unchangeable) and should it be required to be able to instantly prove the integrity and correctness of the data at any point in time.

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Manufacturers' supply chains are sophisticated and complex making transparency and accountability challenging. Evident Proof supports organisations to verify that Supply Chain Management/Auditing processes have been carried in accordance with compliance and regulatory requirements by confirming the Validity of Transactions thus reducing systemic failures and securing critical data logs.


Supply Chain.

The CDC estimates that foodborne illnesses affect 47.8 million people in the U.S. every year, putting 127,000 into the hospital and killing more than 3000. By utilising Evident Proof ‘s platform, companies within a supply chain can gain transparency into shipment, tracking deliveries, and progress among other suppliers where no inherent trust exists.

Evident Proof Solutions by Department.


Human Resource Management.

Evident Proof is supporting Human Resource functions to easily verify and prove compliance around employee regulations such as Employee Rights Act 1996, Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, Health & Safety Regulations, HR Policies and Data Regulations such as GDPR, ISO 27001 etc.


Accounting and Finance.

The secure storage of financial transactions is vital. Evident Proof supports financial departments by providing immutable storage of this information and ability to instantly prove compliance around sector specific legislation like Financial Services Act and Tax & reporting Regulations like Sarbanes Oxley/Companies Act 2006.


Marketing and Sales.

Personal customer information is at the heart of sales and marketing functions. Evident Proof is enabling marketing and sales to reduce risk in relation to customer data storage and management, generate operational efficiencies around GDPR Subject Access Request’s and prove compliance around data and communications regulations.


Technology Systems.

Increasingly Heads of Technology Departments are required to take personal responsibility for data management and face huge fines for any data loss, breaches or hacks that may take place. Evident Proof helps reduce risk by immutably auditing, storing and being able to irrefutably prove data governance practices, prove data erasure has not taken place, and prove compliance with data security practices.


Product and Manufacturing.

Evident Proof helps these departments provide 100% traceability of products through the supply chain to ensure quality and prevent against counterfeit products and law cases. It additionally helps immutably and rapidly prove product safety liability, specific Health & Safety regulations and Ethical Policies relating to the manufacture of its goods.

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