Transform data, documents, transactions and workflows into unhackable, unchangeable records.

Then, at the press of a button, immediately produce irrefutable court-ready proof.

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Proving data integrity with 100% certainty has always been difficult to achieve. Multiple threats face organisations every day in relation to data integrity and accuracy.

Traditional on-premise and cloud databases are not always a perfect source of truth and proof given the risks through hacking, malicious intent, system faults/failures and internal human error.
New regulations, data standards, laws and attacks are making the need to prove the integrity of data of paramount importance and with the renewed media attention recently surrounding some very high-profile corporations data breaches and fines such as British Airways, Marriott Hotels and Facebook and the advent of GDPR, companies must now act.

If you are a business or product owner responsible for taking care of data, Evident Proof has a solution that can - immediately reduce your risk, save you time and money proving your data integrity, eliminate hassle should any scrutiny be applied and provide security to key stakeholders within hours of integration.

  • check No need to change existing databases or code. Evident Proof runs alongside existing database activities and workflows.
  • check Non disruptive technology. It’s quick to set up using NuGet and Visual Studio plugins.
  • check In just 7 mins, the Evident platform can be plugged in to run alongside any of your datasets.
  • check Evident Proof stores proof seals of any type of data, document, transaction and even entire workflows onto an immutable and un-hackable blockchain.
  • check At the press of a button any data or workflow activity can be output as a Proof Certificate.
  • check Evident Proof Certificates are 100% irrefutable evidence, applicable in UK & European Civil and Criminal Courts and tribunals.
  • check The platform enables you to protect your data from any threat and saves organisations £1000’s in legal fees, and data fines.

How it works?


Evident Proof Data Event Evidence Submission.

How Evident Proof solves the requirement for immutable unhackable data evidence and verification

Seal Creation.

The initial process is for the Immutable Evident Proof platform to take digital records, such as data transactions, events and documents and create a unique signature – which is called a “seal”.

Proof Chain.

The platform then stores these seals in an immutable ledger (on two blockchains), called a proof chain, from which reliable proof certificates can be obtained on demand.

Proof certificate.

The platform then generates the proof certificate, a report which verifies the correctness, completeness and time-order of any submitted digital records.
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Evident Proof Digital Data Event Evidence Submission Protocol 1.02.

A protocol for the storage retrieval and submission of digital data evidence (EPDEES Protocol 1.02).

Services .


Unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

Immutable Un-hackable Data Storage

Evident Proof plugs in alongside existing database activities and workflows to store data onto its immutable and un-hackable platform. A unified platform to store and record all data transactions, a single source of truth that is easily accessible, transparent, unchangeable and tamper proof. The unique system encrypts your data and stores it to the blockchain. Once stored this data cannot be changed, hacked or tampered with ensuring it's security against any threat.

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Immutable Audit as a Service

Audit as a Service" enables clients to quickly generate provably immutable Audit records and reports. Store any data, documents, data transactions, workflow activities, system logs etc. on our proof platform and then at the press of a button you can output an Audit Report accompanied by an Audit Proof Certificate as evidence to back up the audit. Our Audits can withstand repudiation and can be used as evidence in court.

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Immutable Proof as a Service

Proof Certificate’s are a specifically defined set of data events and workflows that can prove a process or data compliance procedure has been followed according to legislation or law for example GDPR Subject Access Requests, Health & Safety Procedures etc. Proof Certificate’s can be created at a press of the button on the Evident Proof platform and are able to withstand both Criminal and Civil Court cases irrefutably.

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Marketplace is a directory of bespoke ‘prove the power of your data’ applications that enables new clients to find commonplace business, legal and compliance related proof models to get up and running fast. Existing clients can even use the Marketplace to generate revenue by publishing a proof model based on their industry and market knowledge.

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