Signature Check Proof Seal Module

Proof that Signatures digital and scanned are present, when they were done and if they are a match to an original.

The signature check Proof Seal Module model captures the following data events, workflows and outputs:

Data and Workflow Evidence Keys Captured in Module:

· Client Organisation (e.g ABC delivery Co)

· Data Controller (A.B Dipstick – HR Manager)

What was signed, where GEO location.

· Signature Submission Date

· Submission Mode (digital or manual by email, post, Webpage, in application, in person)

Matching method: Manual, machine digital image match,

Matching method : accuracy level required: 80%, 100%, 60%.

· Subject (e.g. delivery of package)

Submitted (date), time, place,

Time limitation for signature:

Who was supposed to sign:

Who signed :

Can a proxy sign: Yes / no

Does a named proxy have to sign: yes / no

No signature:

Machine digital image match, Signature pass / fail : no match pass to manual yes / no,

Manual signature: pass / fail

Data and Workflow Captured:

· Associated criteria (yes/no)

· Timeline Extension granted (yes/no)

· PARENT data set created

· Define SUBJECT details

· Approval/Sign-off

· Create zip-file (for output/export to Subject)


· Zip file of hard-copy fully redacted document set containing Subject’s details

Evidence Proof points:

· Zip file output created – filename

· Contents (e.g. 32 documents)

· Date

· Subject Name

· Approver/Authoriser (in organisation)



This Module can be customised. Contact Dom Reid for detail.