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The amount of data companies hold is increasing exponentially and with this, the challenge of assessing the risks associated with this data is growing.

Do you understand your data risks?

Our software solution helps businesses to ensure they are compliant with their regulations.
We’re experts at identifying and mitigating data risks and our team can help your organisation meet this challenge head on. Unfortunately, there are far too many examples of companies incurring £1000s in legal fees, employee administration hours and costly fines – not to mention sleepless nights – all due to not taking simple preventative actions.
We’re offering a free data audit consultation to help ensure you and your organisation avoid a similar fate.

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Our Simple 3 Step Data Audit Process.

Whether you believe your business has secure and robust data security and compliance policies in place, or whether you are just starting out we can tailor our audit to suit your needs.

1. Discovery

We’ll contact you with some preparation questions to help you think about, and better understand, your data environment. Whether you want to test your businesses data, regulatory and compliance risks, or whether this is the very start of your journey, we will tailor our audit to suit your needs.

2. Discussion

We’ll arrange a meeting or video call and work through the checklist of data considerations to identify both your data risks and the compliance standards you need to adhere to – both now and in the future.

3. Report & Recommendations

The discussion phase will enable us to deliver our data audit report which will offer a number of actionable insights, to help improve your data security and compliance.
We will identify how you can significantly reduce the time taken to complete future data audits and how to create a robust repudiation tool, for situations when compliance issues are raised.

Did you know?

In many cases, regulatory bodies are looking to see that companies are are making efforts towards delivering compliance. The very act of utilising a third party to help you audit your data will therefore deliver immediate value by demonstrating that your organisation is taking steps towards compliance.

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