Let’s develop the Proof Engine Services economy together

Whether you’re an app development entrepreneur, working within a start-up or a global enterprise you can easily integrate your databases, data transactions, APIs or code with Evident Proof via our platform and code plug in tools.

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Developing with Evident Proof enables you to:

Evident Proof enables developers to build bespoke APIs to access and integrate the functionality of Evident Proof with other applications and systems.

  • Quickly and easily reduce your organisations data risks and deliver compliance.
  • Become certified in data risk reduction with our online developer training.
  • Generate revenue by building your own unhackable data storage, data audit and data proof apps.
  • Create a bespoke proof module. Sell this to other companies in your industry via our bespoke Evident Proof Marketplace

Built with Developers in Mind

Install with Ease

No migration time or expertise investment required. Evident Proof is a non-disruptive technology that can plug in alongside any database and or workflow within minutes. Enabling you to rapidly secure your at risk data immutably to give you peace of mind without any major development fuss.

For every Developer

The Evident Proof application works within all development environments (open source, cloud, .NET) and so fear not, your development team will be up and running quickly utilising their already honed skills.

World Class Support

We’re passionate in helping our development community succeed and so we have a wealth of developer training materials and resources as well as a new collaborative and community project up on Github.

Promotional and Co-Marketing Opportunities

We love seeing how our platform can be used in different scenarios and so have recently launched the Evident Proof Marketplace to help developers with apps using our APIs promote their services to a wider community. For stand out applications using Evident Proof, a co-marketing fund is available. If you have a killer app in mind or in development, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Explore the Developer Tools


Easily integrate your Line of Business application with the Evident Proof platform using our NuGet package.

Download Nuget package plugin


Platform introduction document


Sample application for developers who are intending to integrate with the Evident platform.

View Developer tools introduction


Easily add immutable data proof services to existing and new software projects with our VS plugin.

Download Visual studio plugin


Access a range of pre-built data proof and provenance APIs or build your own.

Access Azure APIs


Access a range of pre-built data proof and provenance APIs or build your own.

Coming soon

Customization and Advanced Development


jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Ionic

Increase productivity and leverage your existing skills with built-in support for the most popular JavaScript frameworks: jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Ionic. (Easily add third-party plug-ins for PhoneGap to get even more power from this framework.)


Custom UI Components

Create any number of custom UI components for faster reuse and customization.


Data Models, Prebuilt or Custom

Use over 30 out-of-the box data models or create any number of custom models.


Advanced Storage Layer

Visually define storage variables and their types. Use the Storage API to manage variables.

TalkTalk and Keurboom Communications

Model-Based Data Structure

Take full advantage of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern to improve reusability and productivity.


Model-Based Data extraction Components

Our consultants can help you scope, design and develop your own data extraction components or build them for you.


API Testing

With the Evident Proof Platform, you can instantly test the API.


Distribution-Ready APIs

APIs built on Evident Proof are ready to be submitted to public markets such as Azure, Google Play, Apple Store and enterprise app markets. With the Automatic Updates feature enabled, the apps can be updated directly from the Evident platform, bypassing the store.

Platform Architecture & Workflow Diagram

Evident Proof have built an in-depth developer training program in partnership with leading industry training hub, Global Knowledge.

Training Hub

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Get hands on with the Evident Proof developer platform and code today.

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