Evident Proof Pricing - The cost-effective data back-up solution

The Evident Proof platform provides a cost-effective solution to your need to protect and back-up all your business-critical data. With its unhackable and unchangeable back-up properties, at the press of a button your business can generate irrefutable evidence when challenges arise.

Ensure your business-critical data is secure from hacks and data loss by using the Evident Proof platform to create a cost-effective unhackable and unchangeable data back-up.

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Easy to Install

Easy to connect

Cost Effective

Proof Model Development.

An initial discovery session will allow us to identify your business requirements. You are then able to:

  • Develop your own data proof model on our platform – and potentially sell your module to other business via our marketplace

  • Engage our development team to build your solution

  • Utilise an existing proof module from the Evident Proof Marketplace


Annual Licence Fees

£300/year per Admin User



Weekly Auto report £10 (1 token)

Proof Modules

There are no set up costs, and a large range of proof modules can be conveniently sourced from the Proof Module marketplace. This marketplace is growing all the time as companies request, develop and then re-sell their own proof modules solutions. Where businesses require a bespoke proof module solution, the Evident Proof platform provides a range of tools for in-house teams, third party developers and our own development teams.

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Traditional databases are no-longer secure due to threats from malicious intent, internal and system error. Contact Evident Proof today to discuss your data security.

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