Our Story

In November 2016, the Evident Proof team – led by the ex-Microsoft UK Chief Technology Officer and Innovation Director, Adrian Clarke – started work to produce a solution that solves the one consistent problem facing all companies, leaders of enterprise and individual's alike. That is, the integrity of data.
With the amount of data produced growing exponentially each year, new data standards, laws and attacks are making the need to prove the integrity of that data more and more important. Existing databases are hackable and retrospectively changeable. They are not a good source of truth and proof.
Immutably proving data integrity has never been more important and has always been difficult to achieve. Until now.

Our Vison

Evident Proof provides Immutable Proof as a Service (IPAAS).
Using Evident Proof's bespoke APIs, organisations can instantly store sensitive data within an immutable and unhackable private and public blockchain, improve data processes, enable immediate data compliance with regulations such as GDPR and generate 100% verifiable proof and court-ready evidence to prove compliance at the press of a button.

The Team

Adrian Clarke

CEO & Co-founder

Evident proof Co-Founder, Ex-Microsoft CTO & Innovation Director, Blockchain strategist and serial entrepreneur. Adrian has that rare mix of management, technical operational excellence and success in driving scale rapidly within cutting edge technology start ups. Adrian is responsible for the strategic direction of the company, overseeing how the business scales and develops and focused on creating strong corporate partnerships.

Matt Roden

CTO & Co-founder

Evident Proof Co-Founder, Blockchain strategist, Chief developer and tech entrepreneur. Matt has spent much of his career focusing on creating secure, enterprise-grade, global cloud architectures at Berkshire Cloud, the software development company he co-founded with Adrian Clarke and that has developed the Evident Proof platform alongside line of business apps for clients such as Microsoft, IBM, 3M and Pitney Bowes. Matt enjoys building solutions through the merging of innovative techniques and technical skills and is a passionate advocate of how Evident Proof can ensure individuals and organisations can now prove the power and truth of their data.

Ian Taylor

Commercial Operations Director

An accomplished, results-oriented senior professional with expertise in all aspects of the SaaS and Blockchain space at a strategic, consultative and operational level, and a demonstrable record of success in leveraging commercial vision and incisive direction to model start-ups from inception. Ian is responsible in negotiating and developing strong partnerships with resellers, distributors, software companies and large clients across EMEA and S.E. Asia along with providing strategic support to the Evident Proof team across the sales and marketing functions.

Dr. James Anderson


A Doctor of Computer Science, James is an iconoclastic and visionary thought leader. With a passion for making software development productive and efficient his background in inventing paradigm-changing computers and software applications is extensive. As Editor in Chief at the journal Transmathematica, James enjoys investigating totality, submissions about total systems in any field of human enquiry or endeavour. James provides his extensive experience and knowledge to the Senior Team at Evident Proof.

Jaime Keenan

Marketing Lead

Ex- Microsoft Marketing Manager, Former tech start-up founder and results driven, creative strategist. Jaime joined the team in July 2019 and has been working diligently with Senior Management to build a focused and sales-driven marketing strategy and set of initiatives to drive awareness, interest and adoption with medium to large size organisations and key industry partners across key industry verticals alongside a plan to inspire a community of blockchain developers and app entrepreneurs to develop using the platforms technology.

Richard Kadri-Langford

Marketing Consultant

Richard joined as a marketing consultant in April 2020, to support the team whilst Jaime takes maternity leave following the arrival of her second child. Driven and commercially astute, Richard is a marketing strategist with a strong understanding of digital marketing and brings with him a wealth of experience delivering compelling campaigns to increase awareness and drive lead generation in both B2C and B2B markets. Richard’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit means he is the perfect fit with Evident Proof’s innovative culture as he loves looking at the big picture to deliver clear direction and lead the marketing function, whilst being equally comfortable getting hands-on with projects.

Our Advisors

John Henry Clippinger Ph.D


John is a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group, a distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute for the Future, on the Steering Committee and Advisory Board of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON), and a former Chairman of the ITU Working Group on Identity and Authentication. Previously, Dr. Clippinger was founder and Co-Director of The Law Lab at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. He was also a Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center where he co-founded Project Higgins, an open source, and identity framework to give users control over their personal information.

Michael McClary

Director – Microsoft and Advisor

Michael is passionate about working creatively with partners and global brands and is a specialist in business management and strategy, building partnerships and partner engagement processes, cross-group strategy, presentation and public speaking and emerging and innovative technology.

Ken Boness

Operations Advisor

Disruptor, Computer scientist and teaching fellow in the Information Technology
Department of Computer Science at University of Reading. Ken provides Evident Proof with business consultancy and expertise in developing agile methods within our product development and software testing.

Simon Pearson


Ex-head of trading for Deutsche Bank, Simon is an author and writer on subjects including finance, trading, investment, innovations, fintech, the future of banking, economics, digital transformation, AI and blockchain. He is also a writer at hedgethink.com. Simon is a qualified accountant (ACA), member of the Chartered Institute of Tax, and spent more than 15 years in investment banking and trading before creating, selling and seeding successful businesses in the financial sector. Simon was introduced to Evident Proof in 2017 during a time he was actively investing into exchanges and other crypto projects. Simon took an immediate liking to the project and whilst he has removed all other advisory roles within the Crypto industry, in his words, he has ‘decided to stay on with my favourite’.

Our corporate advisors