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Data verification and proof services

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Introducing Evident Proof

Evident Proof is a blockchain, Ethereum and token-based service that turns data into immutable proof of evidence chains. We aim to deliver immutable data, provenance and proof services to businesses and enable proof and provenance services to individuals. Many organisations worldwide are increasingly required to justify and verify their data activities. This includes operational data management and data events for compliance, risk verification, business reporting and various other due diligence purposes.   

We also envisage that the Evident platform will enable individuals to proof chain personal activities and data giving them control of who sees it and when. Evident Proof is a solution that we hope will transform the current industry state of storing proof chains using corruptible logs to using immutable proof chains on block chain. It delivers data that cannot be destroyed or hacked, and a new way to generate wealth from data transactions.  

WATCH: Microsoft Ethereum Proof of Concept Video

The Proof of Concept was originally developed by the founders at the UK Microsoft Technology Centre, where members of Berkshire Cloud and Microsoft set out to see if an immutable and verifiable data proof chain could be created using blockchain and Ethereum.

WATCH: Why use the Evident Proof Platform?

This short animation explains the technology behind the Evident Proof Platform and the associated benefits for organisations and individuals requiring data verification.

WATCH: CTO Talks about the Technology

Introducing a ground breaking platform offering data compliance, data proof, data verification and data provenance. The platform has been built to be secure and scalable, benifiting from our experience of building multinational, multilingual cloud platforms.



Read the whitepaper to learn about the Evident Proof service offering.


Technical whitepaper

Read the technical whitepaper to learn about the underlying technology behind the Evident Proof platform.


What the platform does

Read our overview of how the service works.


Evident Proof Token (EPT)

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Team and Advisors

Adrian Clarke
Dr Ken Boness
Dr James Anderson
Tony Howell
Director, Sales & Marketing
Matt Roden
Martyn Knight
Louise Collins
FinTech Marketing Advisor
Gary Ford
Creative Director
Richard Kastelein
Michael McClary 
Director - Microsoft & Advisor
John Henry Clippinger Ph.D.
Tim Brassey - Technology Strategist
Eamon Flavin
Security Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Evident Proof?

    Evident Proof is an Ethereum blockchain and token-based service designed to meet the ever-increasing need for efficient, secure and immutable data verification, provenance and proof services.

    Businesses can use Evident Proof to verify their operational activities, prove provenance and product quality, provide evidence of compliance, better manage risk, and more.

    Individuals can take control of their own data by using the Evident Proof service to proof chain personal activities and information. This will allow them to manage who sees their data, and when.

    The Evident Proof solution transforms current corruptible methods of storing data by using immutable proof chains on blockchain. It delivers proof certificates that cannot be destroyed or hacked, and a new way of creating value from your data.

  • How will the technology work?

    When digital records, such as data transactions, events and documents, are delivered to the platform, it creates a unique signature – a seal - for each. It stores these seals in an immutable ledger, called a proof chain, which consists of both a private and a public blockchain to ensure immutability.

    A receipt and token for each seal successfully added to the proof chain is sent to the service user. The receipt is the key to invoking the use of an associated seal in a proof certificate request, while the token (or fraction of a token) gives the service user, or a third party, permission to request proof certificates in future.

    The proof certificate is a report that verifies the correctness, completeness and time-order of digital records submitted as evidence.

    When proof or verification is required, the service user submits a proof request. Evident compares the proof request data with seals held on the private blockchain and generates the proof certificate, which indicates if there is any difference between the original records and the seals. The information on the proof certificate can be further verified on the public blockchain.

    For more information, please watch our video read our whitepapers or our presentation: An introduction to Evident Proof

  • What does the token do?

    Evident Proof tokens are utility tokens generated only when data is stored on the platform. They are the property of the data owners and can be used to:

    • pay fees for storing digital records on the platform
    • give the data owner, or a third party, permission to request proof certificates in future
    • request evidence in the form of a proof certificate

    For more information, please watch our video read our whitepapers or our presentation: An introduction to Evident Proof

  • What problem does Evident Proof’s platform solve?

    The amount of data in the world is growing exponentially, and organisations and individuals globally are increasingly required to justify and verify their data activities. As more compliance standards emerge worldwide, and existing requirements become more stringent, the Evident platform will help fulfil data compliance and verification obligations and provide proof of provenance, identity and other business and personal data.

  • Why did you decide to use blockchain?

    One of the critical features of the Evident Proof service is immutability. Manufacturers, regulators, courts, other entities and individuals that require evidence must be able to trust that it is complete, accurate and unchanged. This can only be achieved by using blockchain to record transactions.

    Our proof chain consists of two blockchains. The public blockchain serves as a system for scrutiny and trust in the log of evidence seals and a private blockchain for speed and a secondary level of verification.

  • How experienced is the team behind Evident Proof?

    The founders of Evident are Adrian Clarke (ex-Microsoft UK CTO), Dr James Anderson and Dr Ken Boness.

    Adrian Clarke and Matt Roden are co-founders of Berkshire Cloud Ltd, the company that has developed the Evident service platform. Berkshire Cloud Ltd is trusted to supply software development services to large multinationals such as Microsoft, and has in-depth experience in building and deploying large multinational/multi language software platforms.

    The management team behind Evident has a track record of planning, building and delivering large cross-border software solutions. We have brought this experience to bear in creating a live Evident platform.

    The team is supported by several highly experienced advisors and entrepreneurs in commercial strategy, business management, accountancy, sales, marketing and technical evangelism from a range of areas including financial services, blockchain technology, IT software and cloud services.

  • Why did you put your whitepaper through IPO-level verification?

    We are working hard to establish and develop the Evident Proof business, and want to ensure that our working practices are consistent with those our clients and partners would expect and value, and to set us up to be the long-term business we aim to be.

    We also believe that improving the perception of fundraising methods in this space is critical. So we engaged CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP as our legal advisor to advise on the verification of the statements in the Evident Proof whitepaper and to carry out an IPO level verification process with the directors of the company.